Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Holiday Craft Shows

Anyone planning on being part of a craft show this Fall? Whether you're new at it or an old pro, take a few minutes to check out the Storque article on Etsy. It's packed with great craft show tips! It's a great reminder too. ;)

Have any other great tips to share? Post them here!



Debra said...

Who wants to be in a Toronto "Etsy" Craft Show?
I began a thread in the forums last week about organizing a craft show in Toronto for Etsy sellers.
I'm wondering if the shops in this Team would be interested in participating. At this point we are just brainstorming ideas of venues etc. Search for the thread using "Toronto" to join the discussion.
Debra, Vintage Paper Parade

Barlow Girl said...

I love it! I'm there!

The Queen Bee said...

Hey it's Kingklaus from Etsy. I was sent here to promote my upcoming craftshow in Mississauga on December 6th. I teach at Thomas Street MS.
e-mail me:
mailiis.tou at