Monday, June 16, 2008

06.16.08 - Change to Street Team

Ok - so after receiving many, many emails about joining this group - I have decided to extend this street team from Toronto to all of Ontario - since the listing on the Etsy Street Team page says "Ontario" I don't want to be leaving anyone out. So I have been working the last little while on getting this new blog up, as well as a new Flickr group and a new Yahoo! group. I know it can be a pain to change bookmarks/favourites and add/delete groups, emails ect. But please update to the new Etsy Ontario Street Team links I have listed below as they are the only things that will be getting updated from here on out.

I have mentioned a few times about doing a business card exchange, I would REALLY like if we could all take part in this. I think it's a great way for us to get each others names out there - and since this is going to be wide spread across Ontario, think of how much further your information can spread!! So if you could send me a via email a JPG of your business card (that I will have printed on cardstock) or ask me for my address and you can send me some of your cards yourself . Please include a self address envelope so that I can send you cards/samples back to include in your packages.

Yahoo! Group
Promo Time!

Black Corallium Ring - $24.00

What a talented Artist we have joining our group! Be sure to check out this shop, there are some pretty amazing pieces to be seen. Tosca has She has shown in ACC shows, the Metal Museum, Fort Mason Center, The U.S House of Representatives, and the Art Lab and she has her own studio in Toronto - be sure to check out her profile for more information on that!

So it is after midnight now - and I have two children to get up with in the morning. :)
Take care
- Eyesore Designs

P.S - does anyone know of any good webrings we can get involved in??


Li's craft said...

Thanks for all of this!

tanyBUG said...

HI! I am new to the team, I don;t fully understand how teams work yet and what I can do, but I am looking forward to learning!
Thanks for including me!

64th said...

EtsyFAST has a webring at - maybe they'll add our blog?

64th said...

And what about EtsyBloggers?

I'm not sure if the links I am giving you will work...but I hope so. I just looked on other etsy blogs' pages and found these.

Sixth & Elm said...

I run the etsy canadian web ring, and I'm working on some cool graphics for it...
(just click "add your link below")

I didn;t even know about you guys!
Sixth & Elm