Wednesday, July 16, 2008

07.16.08 - Huge Post - Lots of Information

Need help getting your shop off the ground? Here's a new thing I myself just found out about that some of our fellow Etsy Members offer.

Unofficial Etsy Mentors!!

There is a whole thread about this, but I am going to cut it apart a little here for you guys.

This is the newest updated list of volunteer mentors. It's a long list, so get ready to scroll!!! Now please remember that these people are volunteers - and they may have many people emailing them, so give them a few days to get back to you if you do try to contact them. Hopefully some of you will find this information useful.

Here are a few other links listed on the thread. Some very good information for you. I would suggest you at least take a quick peek.

Newbie Guide -

Tips for Sellers -

Etsy Dos and Dont's -

Now for the feature of the *Week*
(I know, it never happens weekly - but I try)

Fickle Faerie

I have personally had a wonderful encounter with fickle faerie - she ran/(runs?) the Etsy Online Baby Shower. Where she gets a huge list of volunteers to donate 1 or more (your choice) items from their store (or you can buy a gift from someone on Etsy) and you send it to someone who is expecting. I met her in a chat room while I was pregnant with Zoey and she told me about it and I received 3 wonderful gifts from 3 different women on Etsy. 1 was a hand knitted sweater and hat set, one was a necklace for myself and the other was a onesie and matching booties. I don't sell baby products so in return I bought a gift of baby booties for a girl who was expecting. I thought it was a wonderful idea!

I am sure the planning and sorting out of everyone took a lot of work, and I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful and giving person she is!

So anyways back to her shop!! :)

Fickle Faerie offers the wonderful hats that I have showcased above and she sells them for $14.00 plus $2.00 for shipping (in Canada) Sounds like a pretty good deal to me, I will be adding those to my favourites for the winter. She also carries a large variety of promo and gift bags. They sell for $3 - $5 for 6 bags. They would be great for sending products such as earrings, necklaces, bookmarks etc to buyers. A nice way to fancy things up a little.

Please be sure to check out her shop. She has over 750 sales and 100% feed back. We could all learn a little something from Fickle Faerie.

I am STILL wanting people to send me their business cards...I have only received 1 reply for this so far. Common guys!! Being apart of a street team means helping to promote one another. We need to have more involvement, and yes I know, I don't update every week like I should...but I promise I am gonna start trying really hard. And my DH is off all summer, so it should be MUCH easier for me to update around here. Best of luck to you all.

-Eyesore Designs

P.S We have 13 new members being added to our Street Team Page - so we are at 88 members now. Spread the word.

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