Friday, May 22, 2009

Feature Friday


For those of you who had booths at The Spring Handmade Market ran by Debra A.K.A Vintage Paper Parade I am sure you would have meet "Ella Bella". Now here is a young girl to look up to - she's 11. She's 11 and she sells her art on Etsy. She's 11 and she has sold out of items at 2 shows she has taken part at. Amazing. She seemed to be a pretty normal down to earth kid who just likes to do what we do....she has just started at a younger age then most (or at least for myself) Her clay work is cute and fun - and would bring a smile to most faces upon seeing the creations. I hope you all take a few minutes to just take a glance at her shop - she's pretty creative. Welcome to the Toronto/Ontario Street team Ella Bella - I hope you enjoy your stay and I hope to meet you again one day - maybe at another Etsy Market.

-Eyesore Designs

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sharon said...

this is absolutely wonderful..I love to see this kind of confidence and obvious creativity so early in life...bravo!

Mia09 said...

Beautifully done and so cheerful.
A thumb up for Ella!

Stephanie said...

I met Ella at a craft show last December at the workroom in Toronto and she (and her work) are too adorable! I had my eye on a cat but it was snapped up and she sold out before I had a chance to leave my own booth and visit hers!

Very talented indeed!