Friday, April 10, 2009

Feature Friday!!

LeatherMade Nice

Ok - so after looking through a few shops, I clicked the link to this shop. OH MY! I fell totally in love - so much that I have requested a custom order! Anne has a beautiful shop, filled with belts, wristbands, bracelets, dog collars and even bags.

My favourite item is the custom order belt ($75 plus $6.50 for shipping) - to me it is just totally stunning, and SO personal - for me at this time, the price tag is a little high - just being a single income family, but I am hoping that I will soon own one myself :) Be sure to check out Anne's shop and give it some love!

Etsy Day - April 24th

Just read about this on twitter - some people have put together what they are calling "Etsy Day" to promote Etsy to people who have never heard of it. Check the link for more information.

-Eyesore Designs

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