Saturday, April 4, 2009

Quick little thing here

For all of you who don't know about vistaprint - you should really check it out. I have ordered from them twice now and have LOVED what I have received in return. The have GREAT deals (if you look around - and know where to find what you are looking for) you can get 250 regular business cards for FREE (plus shipping - on everything I am going to list) and TONS of other stuff for free as well.

Example: I ordered

Small Black Rubber Stamp - Free
Pocket Stamps - Free
10 Note Cards - Free
Note Pads - Free
Sticky Notes - Free
100 Standard Postcards -Free
250 Custom Business Cards $ 4.749
Small Window Decals - Free
50 Rack Cards - Free
10 Invitations - Free

My shipping/process was $26 so my total came to $38.16 with taxes and that was Canadian - my business cards alone would have cost more then that if I ordered them. So's a service I use and I thought I would share it with all of you.

Here is my personal link to the vistaprint - I believe it offers some sort of discount

OR - I can send you an email that lists everything for free like I got - you just have to remember to click that you don't want to receive emails from vistaprint if you don't want to receive them, cause they do email ALOT.

Well that's all for now - Happy Weekend Everyone!
-Eyesore Designs


letitiah said...

Be really careful with this company! While they may offer good deals, they have been known to later add unwanted, unapproved charges to your credit card!

For more info, search the forums or even google the name of the company.

(and so on)

Lost Mitten said...

I ordered from Overnight Prints (blogged about it) and was super happy with the product...but not happy with UPS! I got charged an additional $30 in handling fees from UPS!! Does vistaprint ship via USPS so I can avoid a lot of the fees?

JM said...

yes, letitiah is correct...I remember that big forum thread about everyone being scammed...after all...FREE is too good to be true! Hope it all works out for you eyesore you have any really good american friends you have met on etsy? When I was doing my Soy wax tarts, I used to have my oils shipped to my American buddy on etsy and she just put them in a small box and mailed them to me and never again did |i have to pay the stupid UPS fees...UPS is scamming everyone here in canada saying its customs but its not, its UPS charging a brokerage fee that you don't get through the PO....Sorry...I was babbling,lol

Eyesore Designs said...

you can pay through paypal - that's what I did - I didn't use a credit card, but that's for the tip - I had never heard that before, but I will keep an eye out for anything weird.

And LostMitten - I didn't have any other added charges when my items were dropped off, it was just the shipping charge. But maybe if you order through the .com site instead of the .ca site it makes a difference?