Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Etsy Toronto/Ontario Team Page has been updated for anyone who emailed me before April 3rd about being on the team - if you don't see your name, please email me and let me know I know ( inthetinydetails got missed, I am working on getting that fixed)

If you want to check it out, here's a quick link

I am still waiting to hear from a lot of people - I sent out almost 180 emails and so far have only heard back from 42 people. I was hoping the number would be alot more by now, but that's ok - we can all wait it out a little longer.

Here's my first question to the team:

If people don't email back about being on the team, do you want them to be A: Removed from the team completely - B: Taken off the blog or C: Left on the team - Please note that the only people on the mailing list will be the people who have responded to me about being on the team.

So if you can respond to that poll it would be great! And please note - I have no idea how anyone response - I just get the final numbers :)

-Eyesore Designs

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Anonymous said...

Hmm.. i don't think I got an email but I do want to be on the team! What should be my course of action?

Eyesore Designs said...

I will look into that right now :) Hopefully you will have an email in a few minutes :)

ennadoolf said...

Just a quick note - I got your email twice because I have 2 shops, but I only replied to one. I hope you keep both my shops on the team. :) Thanks!